Jacks Full

by Jacks Full

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Debut album of the Greek heavy rock band Jacks Full


released April 1, 2015

Produced by Tony Tassis and Jacks Full
Mastered at Tower Studio
Artwork by Giannis Giagias


all rights reserved



Jacks Full Athens, Greece

Jacks Full were formed in 2014 in Athens –Greece , yet the 3 band members Nick Spathas (guitar), Michael Apartoglou (vocals- bass), Vaggelis Kardamitsis (drums) go way back. A wide span of influences -from 70s hard rock to 00s American heavy rock - drive their energy-packed live shows, that will make you get up and groove along! ... more

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Track Name: The Circus
The Circus

We’re the true believers, preachers of a filthy faith
We’re giving you the shivers but don’t be afraid a smile is all we need to
See the crowds impression, pretty stupid don’t you say?
We’re becoming their obsession every night and day
The circus can’t accept delay
So flee before...

You’re part of the play
The clowns on the stage
The beasts in the cage shouting
The wicked parade
And you’re part of the play

When the smoke has faded, animals locked away
The crowd cheers as we make it so what is wrong?
We gave them what they wanted to
See behind the make-up, pretty ugly don’t you say?
Now it’s fucking late for brake-ups, can’t get away
The circus can’t accept delay
As long as you stay...


Don’t you love this ending? pleading for the curtain call
You’ll never find the exit, we’ve locked the doors
Our haunting laughter corrupting your soul
Not long before...

Track Name: Electric Dimension
Electric Dimension

You want a piece of the action brother, do you think that you can reach to the top?
Hope’s not coming, hope won’t come for you
Do you believe in a god now sister, thinking he will scare your demons away?
Lord’s not coming, lord won’t come for you

They feed you gasoline, loop your ass with vaseline
They sell you suicide cause you’ll never pay to live
They feed you gasoline, loop your ass with vaseline
Don’t be a pawn of this game

The world has never been a god’s creation
The vanity of man spawned this fucking nation
So baby come with me no hesitation
The time has come for the electric dimension

You live the life that they taught you brother, vanity sustains the world’s history
Hope’s not coming, hope won’t come for you
And all this shit ‘bout religion babe, just a plan to keep you under control
Lord’s not coming, lord won’t come for you


Track Name: Ghost

Can’t fill me with life, my thoughts are empty too
Dead and alive, exiled for all I do

Ghost of this world
Ever floating
Red eyes black coat
City’s wanderer
Bare truth knows all
Roots existence
I’ve lost my soul, deep into the bowels of this world
Witness the creation of the ghost

Red sun war divides, the yellow jester cries
He mourns for a girl, he should have never lied


So please let me try, I never had a clue
That such things so fine, becoming haunted too

Track Name: Scars 'n' Lies
Scars 'n' Lies

Hush words can only spoil it
Two unyielding souls a starlit sky
Waiting for the morning
Thoughts like this can only fuck your mind

Never been true, I’ve never told you the reason why I left without a care
I’ve never been true
So let my mistakes destroy me

Scars and lies
No matter who far I'm gone I'm broken
Scars and lies
I've come to a point where time can't heal anymore

Pain like converted reason
Like the cancer driving through your cells
But do I need a reason
Full of scars and lies and time will tell


Track Name: Justice Gone Astray
Justice Gone Astray

When the system’s down and the lights are out and there’s no air to breathe
Spreading from their brains to the system’s veins like a foul disease
Gathered all around and the earth is bound to succumb to their plans
Justice gone astray laws betray rage against the machine

Lies hypnotize you as you dream of living easy
Hell serves you well cause you voted for this arson
Lies hypnotize you and you don’t deserve to wake up
Justice gone astray now you pay for all those tolerated crimes

Justice gone astray laws betray rage against the machine
When the system’s down and the lights are out and there’s no air to breathe
With forces growing fast to be one at last you will see
Nothing shall remain just a shade of misery

Track Name: Died Young
Died Young

Smoke’s in my mind
Abstract reality
Trying to find
Somewhere away from here
Sober can’t make it today
Left here with nothing to say

We're the ones who died young
Forfeit the game can't wake up
But when our dream form and shape
We will rise from our grave

Smoke’s blurring eyes
A grey reality
Trying to find
A better place than here
Sober can’t make it today
Takes all my problems away

Track Name: Bent Down
Bent Down

Waking up I feel lonely today
Was dreaming of you girl(the heat is coming to me)
Coming down storming through your place
Honey I’ve nothing to do so bend down

So fed up with all the things you say
You’ve got a chicken’s brain(the heat is coming to you)
You love me now but I don’t even care
Honey enough with your shit just bent down

Bent down to your knees and I won’t let you down
Bent down to your knees

Bodies moving to the rhythm grooving
Bent down and just give it to me
And I won’t let you down
Tell me honey do you feel naughty
Bent down and just give it to me
And I won’t let you down

Bent down to your knees and I won’t let you down
Bent down to your knees

Oh my god you look lovely today
I want to bite your skin(I want to feast upon you)
Twin big jugs bouncing in my brain
Honey I can’t hold myself so bent down

And when you see me coming down your way
You’ve checked me out before(the heat is coming to you)
I’ll set the rules and we can start this game
Honey there’s not much to say just bent down
Track Name: Listen To Me
Listen To Me

I see you wander alone and I know you need
A guy like me to show you what’s the meaning of this
Try to understand why I’m telling you that
And you will never believe (I’m such an ass)
Come, come to me and I will make you feel me
I know you want it as much as me
Your little sister that I fucked yesterday
Will tell you baby that you should have

(listen to me)deny the fact you heard me
And I will make you hear me out
(listen to me)cause I’m not to be fought with
Listen or I'll bring you down

Having no words to say
Beaten by your own game
If you still want to play
Listen to me

As I was wandering alone I saw your face
Your fancy car determines what’s the size of your brain
Try to understand why I’m telling you that
Yes I am talking to you fuck I’ll kick your ass
Run, run from me or I will make you feel me
Now you must have it feels good to me
Your beaten body flying through the broken glass
Will show you babe that you should have


Track Name: Under My Skin
Under My Skin

I never wanted to see it, I did not even try
But somehow I could feel it
And then it started growing
There’s something happening to me
My memory escapes me, restored to negative
A shade of grey defines me
No I can’t stop receding
I feel it move under my skin

Under my skin
All I wanted all I ever needed
Are kept within
Losing all and everything will free me
Under my skin
Slyly planning my assassination
I won't cave in
It's still my hand that marks my destination

I still cannot believe it, having no god to pray
Having no way to kill me
And when I look in the mirror
There’s someone else instead of me
Cause there’s no rest for the wicked, salvation’s in my head
But now my logic depleted
And when I try to reach it
I feel it move under my skin

Track Name: Soul Shackle
Soul Shackle

Down on your knees, honey
Striped of your pride tonight
Down on your knees, honey
Suck all my troubles, I say
Dance round my pole, lady
Ride it all the way
And when I’m done, lady
Just get the fuck out of my way

So out of my way
Too many nights in vain inside my glass of HAIG
And when this song is through I live for another day
Just to have another day

Don’t get me wrong, honey
There’s nothing wrong with you
I don’t mean love, honey
One night with you will do
Long story short, honey
Nothing can hold me here
Always alone honey
Always alone this part of me


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